Mech Suit and line drawings

Series of line drawings leading up to the final mech suit drawing seen here! More will be posted tomorrow :D This particular design is seen fully painted in the How To Render book by Scott Robertson.  Also more of these daily updates can be seen here


Visiting CTN expo for the first time!

At CTN we were able to say hello to a couple of amazing artist friends! (Left to right) Albert Ng, Troy, Allison Smith, Danny Luvisi, John Park, Robert Simons and Peggy Chung.  

Snagged some amazing books from CTN! 

Had a great time at CTN. It was our first time checking out the convention and we were very impressed. Definitely will be coming back to this con again as it truly revolves around the artists work and intellectual properties. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 launch party

Amazing night with the Treyarch and Activision team for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3! Extremely exciting to see the team let their hair down to celebrate all the hard work they have put in for an awesome Call of Duty. Activision went all out by taking over one of the biggest clubs in Los Angeles, the Avalon Hollywood. Congratulations to all at Treyarch and Activison! 

Fantastic 4 concept art

Fantastic 4 concept art is up! Check out a few select works here :)