JURASSIC WORLD movie the 4DX experience

From left to right: Spenser Cohen, Robben Fenderson, Robert Simons, Peggy Chung and Camera man: Anna Halberg

From left to right: Spenser Cohen, Robben Fenderson, Robert Simons, Peggy Chung and Camera man: Anna Halberg

Last night, thanks to our friends Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen, we were introduced to the 4Dx movie going experience with Jurassic World. The 4DX experience we had was at the Regal Live  (Amongst all the E3 craziness and LA film festival) 

4DX is designed to simulate as if you are in the movie. The chair will tilt, rumble and shake according to the scene- in our case- when the dinosaurs stomped their feet down. Water will drip from the ceiling or spray at you when the dinosaurs screech at the screen. Air will be shot from your seat and the seat in front of you to simulate bullets flying by your head. Fans from above will simulate the wind blowing at you when you soar to Isla Nublar. The back of your seat will push foward when a dinosaur bashes itself against the cars. Lastly, there were fragrances emitted to give you that classic smell-o-vision. Overall, if you have ever been on the STAR TOURS ride or BUG'S LIFE ride in Disneyland - it pretty much is that but not sickening.

Jurassic World
Jurassic World was a ton of fun to watch with this 4DX experience. It reminded me of what it felt like being a kid and watching Jurassic Park for the first time. To be fully immersed and take in the movie without comparing it to the other Jurassic Parks. The overall performances of all the actors in the film were great. It was a lot of fun to see Chris Pratt play a role where he has to be the "tough guy" but still has his witty flair that we all know and love. Bryce Howard's arc from the stiff boss to all out badass was a ton of fun to see (plus seeing Bryce scared sh*tless was entertaining).  The two boys, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson reminded me of the classic Spielberg casting. And to the largest being on the cast: the dinosaurs. These guys were, for a lack of a better word, AWESOME. Of course the original Jurassic Park made its mark with its ahead of its time SFX and VFX and no one can question that. On Jurassic World though, it did not lack in its quality of its VFX. The lighting, animation, textures and models of the dinosaurs were very convincing...especially the delicate movements in the eyes of the beautiful beasts. 

4Dx Jurassic World Gadget-Bot score : 8/10

What did you guys think of Jurassic World?