Gadget-Bot has collaborated closely with the directors ofvarious commercials to help develop the world for their stories to live in. The most recent work has been with director, Gevorg Karensky, on the "Chase the Thrill" virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift for the Nissan Juke. 

Chase the Thrill

"Chase the Thrill", is a virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift to simulate an embodiment of a robot and running through a futuristic city. Gadget-Bot worked closely with director Gevorg Karensky to develop the the two robots and the city that resides within the virtual experience. This virtual experience premiered at the Paris Motor Show and shows off the new Nissan Juke. 

Client: Nissan
Agency: Unit 9 
Director: Gevorg Karensky
3D Development Art Direction and Concept Design: Gadget-Bot

Play the Future First

"Play the Future First" follows a team of gamers trudging through a war torn city in hopes of destroying the evil within only to find out that they were too late. 

Client: PS4/Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch, Inc. 
Director: Simon Mcquoid
Post Production/ VFX company: The Mill
Concept Design: Gadget-Bot